Trade your XP

Trade any item in the game

Stop paying to win

Updates Never End

A game where everything is possible

The main objective of the game as an indie game who is to be a game where the end does not exist, I'll be constantly adding new things and improving the gameplay. Our goal is not to just create another MMORPG, it is to create a game where you can really have fun and give a real feeling of freedom for the player.

Esylium Coin - Token

There is no corporation, there is no profit or investment behind it. The game is getting develop by one person only, so the way I found to go for
keeping up with the development costs was create the Esylium Coin,
a Token on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

What would be a MMORPG without a lot of equipment?

Equip yourself with hundreds of items, slay hundreds of monsters, and keep your look always on with thousands of hair style combinations

All of this for free, without having to pay for absolutely nothing. Not even mentioning about all the features being developed.

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Some features we already have, and others for the future updates

Never get sick of the game

Fast grow in the game without losing fun, the progress in the game is based in items you have, monsters you kill and strategy you do managing your character.

Trade freaking anything in the game

And there is multiple ways to do it, there is a marketplace inside the game, there is P2P trade. Can't get better..

Unique hair combinations

You can customize your character with idk, around 4100 hair combinations, just a lot of combinations. Choose ANY RGB color

You chose the price of the item

The prices are fully 100% decided by the players, No market manipulation from the developers.

More friends you have, more EXP you receive

Do a party with 1, 2, 10, 20, 100 players. More players you have in party better it is.

Game ranking based only on active users

That's something I hate about general MMORPGs, I can't reach the top ranking. Well, now, the global ranking is only for active users.

Discord for talking and trading

We have an official discord, integrated with the game, where you can login with your player and talk, trade, be into updates... We also have a ingame global chat and pvt chat.

Daily Backups and Anti hack

We do backup every single day, if something happen with the server or we get hacked. We will have your character saved.

Powerful Server

There is no player limit, I worked with Minecraft servers before. I have access to powerful datacenters so I can provide the best connection anywhere.

Arena PvP with ranking based on victories

The Arena PvP will work based on victories. If you win someone strongest than you, you will have a higher rank than him.

Lot of monster hunts, dungeons

We launched the alpha with over 100 monsters, with constant updates and a little creativity, new monsters, hunts and dungeons now we have over 400 monsters to kill

More than 200 items to trade and have fun

From swords to entire sets, the game will keep updating and adding more stuff, just for starting we had over 50 swords

To win you need to play

There is only 2 way to get items, trade or loot. If you don't loot, you will not progress in the game.

Banking System

A place where you can store your items and invest your money. Will be a profit for leaving the money on the bank. And may investment system in the future where you can do multiple investments like stock market and crypto trading..

Premium/Donator Account

The game need to have some profit right? Se we offer a Donator account who does not affect the gameplay in a instrusive way for non-payers

Game Cash and Coins

Game cash and coins are the inside game currencies, who you can use to buy stuff on the marketplace and etc. Neither can be bought with Real Money.

Simple Battle Mechanic

As an indie game, build solo by me, the battle is really basic. This may improve in the future with animations and fancy stuff. For now is just a simple turn based battle.

Simple Guild System

Yeah, you will be able to create your guild and may even fight with other guilds in the future, but for now will be just a simple guild system.

Mining System

I just love the concept of mining/gathering resources, I'll add for sure a complex system. For now is just a basic mine where you can mine and sell for coins.

Buy Houses and Rent

House is a dream in the real life for some people, here is going to be one of the fanciest parts of the games who will include also NFTs, you will be able to buy a house and expand floors and size. Allowing to buy, place and trade furniture.

House Maintaining Fee

There is going to be a monthly tax for the house in cash. So only active users maintain their houses.

House Building Cost

House creation cost is going to increase based on the number of floors and floor size you're building. Obviously like anything else in this game you can sell the house. Obs: If you sell a house with items inside, well will you're seling the items too.

Farming System

Not now, but in near future I'll add a farming system where you can buy a farm and plant different kinds of things to sell

Dragons and Demons

Dragons and Demons are just very powerful. Run if possible.

Game Stones

Game Stones are one of the most rare items in the game, will be really hard to get and really expensive when using. But will bring a very big power to your items.

Desktop, IOS and Browser Support

At the current stage we are focusing on the ios version, but as the game is developed on a platform who allow launching in multiple platforms we will support soon.

If you still here, you're liking the idea right? Then why not start playing or even invest on your token??

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Still curious about the game?

Look at few in-game events we are going to have daily, weekly and monthly

What about start playing now?

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I commented on NFTs, do I have any to sell? Is it possible to get it in the game? How will it work?

For now to get them just buying, but when we launch the Beta we will have NFTs as rewards for playing. If you wanna buy a few before the first seasos of NFTs ends you can click here and to to opensea to buy it.

Quick preview of some available game items:

This are just a few, if you go in the market inside the game you can see all our items..

Angel Sword

Curved Knife

Goblin Sword

Heavy Monster
Slicer Sword

Revelation Sword

Sword of Fear

Iron Armor

Iron Armor

Steel Armor

Archangel Wings

Dark Fairy Wings

Dark Superior
Angel Wings

Demon Wings

Demon Lord Wings

Demon Wings

Can you taste the game in your mouth already?

I'm the only coder on this battle, give me a help, start playing, donate, or buy a few tokens!

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